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The Align Tactical® THUMB REST LOCKING BLOCK PIN is compatible with Canik® Rival/Mete® series polymer pistols ONLY (NOT Rival-S steel frames). Hardened S7 tool steel part finished in Black Nitride. Approved for the NEW USPSA Limited Optics division as well as, Limited, Limited 10, and Open. Made in USA with lifetime warranty.

*Holster selection requires clearance for extended ledge. Refer to Align Tactical's Compatible Holster Manufacturers for select models from Black Scorpion Gear, Werkz, Carey Concealment, and SOUSA.

*NOTE: Rival-S steel frame forgings vary in feature dimensions and will require a Rival-S specific offering to retro-fit to the pistol (Coming Soon).

Master Recoil

The Align Tactical® THUMB REST LOCKING BLOCK PIN integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand's thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol practically eliminates support hand slippage while providing an index point for an aggressively consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Provides maximum control and speed in Canik® Rival/Mete® pistols for a competitive edge.

Secure Ergonomic Design

Locked in place via an internal sliding cross bar, the patent-pending Thumb Rest Assembly Pin incorporates an Anti-Rotation Stop for secure installation. Ergonomically angled a shallow 20 degrees and positioned across Canik's frame stippling to enhance thumb/finger positional engagement as intended.

Establishing a two-handed grip creates a naturally angled cant of one’s support hand thumb. Incorporating a secondary receiving slope of 15 degrees allows for evenly distributed thumb pressure and serves as a guide for settling into proper contact position (with the thumb print pressed flat onto the rest).

Competition-centric Gripping

The Align Tactical® THUMB REST LOCKING BLOCK PIN protrudes 8mm (0.32 inches) from the frame for a comfortably slim (USPSA box-fitting) footprint that creates approximately half a thumb's width of effective resistance area. Accommodates BOTH standard Thumbs Forward (Combat Grip) and the more aggressive Wedged Grip (dual fingers under the scalloped trigger guard pocket), thanks to the ELONGATED surface area and increased textured traction. Pictured below with a Wedge style grip that is similar to Team Canik's USPSA Nationals multi-winner Nils Jonasson.

Rise to the Top

Starting stages with a tabled pistol can make it challenging to get a grip, so we’ve given you a hand. Unloaded (without magazine), the ledge wedges a lightened polymer pistol grip into the air for unobstructed grabbing, leaving the competition grounded. Inserting a loaded magazine drops the grip back down and shields the OEM extended magazine release button from being pressed by raising it off the table. (*shown and weighted with Lok Grips brand brass backstrap)

USPSA Approved

Are you ready?” for clearing stages faster than ever with your Canik® Rival/Mete®? Upgrade to the ultimate performance components for the NEW USPSA Limited Optics, as well as Limited, Limited 10, and Open divisions.

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