McFadden Loader MP15-22 and Plinker Adapter #1

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M&P 15-22, Adapter Only

***Now works with the Plinkster Magazine***

***Not guaranteed to work with Browning BPR ammo***

Adapter INSTRUCTIONS for Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Magazines

Adapter INSTRUCTIONS for Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Magazines.

(downloadable PDF)


Hold the loader in your left hand, and press the adapter lock with your thumb. With your right hand, hook the Mag Adapter into the top of the Lightnin' Grip Loader and swing the bottom into the slot. Take your thumb off of the lock button. it should pop out to the locked position when the adapter is in fully seated.


Insert your magazine into the adapter until it latches into notch.

To remove the magazine, while holding like pictured here, gently press down on latch and pull out.


1.) Slide open the Bullet Reservoir Cover and drop in up to (50) 22LR cartridges.

2.) Close cover. Gently shake the Lightnin' Grip Loader, keeping it level and
the reservoir cover on top.

3.) Raise the reservoir end to slide the cartridges in to the Loading Channel.

4.) Repeat #2 and #3 until the Loading Channel fills sufficiently.


5.) Raise the reservoir end and smoothly squeeze the trigger to load a round
into the magazine. The trigger needs to return to the nearly out position to
seat the round and stage another bullet for loading. It is usually a good idea
to count the bullets going in to know when to stop. It is possible to force in an
extra round.

NOTE: Quickly snapping the trigger in can cause the bullets to bounce in some
magazines and "hook" the rims in the wrong direction making them hard to get out.
Sometimes a hard rap on the bottom of the magazine with your palm or on a book
will bounce the bullets to unhook them.


Some 22LR cartridges are real sticky with wax lube. After filling the reservoir, give
them a shot of Remington (Rem Oil) Teflon Spray Lube. Only a small amount is

CAUTION: the unit is molded from Lexan, and some lubes will attach it.

Not all magazines fit the same; you may need to apply a little seating pressure
against the magazine as you are loading it. As Pictured here.

Periodically take a look at our website for updated tips.

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Necessary for Competition

Review by Nice Keeper on 5/10/2021


Review by Bill on 3/23/2021

Works great. Quick service. Thanks

Loader Adapter #1

Review by Mcfitz on 1/12/2021

Easy to put on the McFadden Ligntnin' Grip Loader and works great.

makes loading fast&easy

Review by D .K. on 11/14/2018

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