DAA Magnetic Grip-Enhancer Holder

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A cool, new, practical way to carry your Grip-Enhancer into action!

Many shooters like to carry their Grip Enhancer of choice on their belts, so they can apply it just before the “Load and make ready” command. And what is needed is a quick and secure carrying solution, which allows you fast access to the Grip Enhancer and a quick return to belt retention. The New DAA Magnetic Grip-Enhancer does just that – and in style!

Two super-strong magnets are fitted into the custom-made silicone belt and bottle attachments, clicking together and locking securely in place. Run, jump or spin – you wont accidentally dislodge this holder. Yet a moderate tug/rotation motion and it will come away in your hand for quick application.

The DAA Magnetic Grip-Enhancer Holder is a perfect fit for a bottle of Progrip or for the new DAA GRIPZ lotion. (Any bottle of approx. 34-36mm in diameter could be held securely.)

Available in Black, Blue or Red colors

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by Works great in multiple positions on 6/27/2020

This nifty device worked in many different positions and it holds tight even when running and gunning.


Review by Bob Briesacher on 10/7/2019

It's still early but...

Review by C. A. Stallworth on 7/17/2019

This is my second purchase of this product, previously ordered from another vendor. I've only ran the holder on my belt at two months so far, however everything seems to be holding up just fine. The holder's magnet is very strong and the holder itself fits snug over the bottle of grip enhancer. 4 Stars just because it's still early on and 5 stars for Shooter Connections very prompt S&H.

DAA Magnetic Grip-Enhancer Holder - Great Product

Review by Lafe on 7/5/2019

I thought thus product might be a little gimmicky when I first saw it but had to check it out. Been using it for a little over a month and I am very happy with it very simple design, easy to change out bottles in the holder but the silicone rubber holds the bottles very secure. Magnet attachment is very secure, I never feel like I will lose the bottle running stages. One other added (maybe unintended) benefit, drop a screw or spring on the ground at the range, you have a strong handheld magnet at your disposal to sweep the ground with (may have used it for that already). Great Product at a great price!

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