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MGM Switchview™ magnification adjustment throw lever - model 1360SV

Leupold VX-3 non-illuminated reticle model scopes.
Leupold Mark IV non-illuminated reticle model scopes.
Cabela's MT-II 3-9x40 scopes.
Mueller APV model scopes.
Redfield Revolution 3-9x40 scope. *
Simmons AETEC 2.5-8X44 model scopes.
Thompson Center Encore 2.5-7X32 model scopes.
Weaver  Grand Slam Tactical 8-10x40 model scopes.
Other scopes with similar dimensions.
*Redfield's scope measures 1.320" which is a .040" different than the Switchview's 1.360". To insure a snug fit, we recommend inserting a small strip of bicycle innertube between the scope ring and the bottom half of the Switchviwe lever.

Specs: Lever length: .880”.

Ring diameter 1.360" not including dimensions for the scope's index nub if present.

The throw lever needs .225" of clearance between the scope body and the nearest object for proper operation.

Color: Anodized Flat Black.

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