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  • Significant AR Upgrade
  • MIL Upgrade, LE/SWAT, Personal Utility
  • Single Stage
  • Semi-Auto

Bonus Benefits:

  • Radical Sear Mechanics™
    • Medium Weights, 4½ and 5½ lb. Pulls
    • Smooth
    • Accurate
  • Heavy, SwingFast Hammer Head™
    • Faster Lock-Up
    • More Accurate
  • Duplex Trigger Bow™
    • High Position: Safety Under Duress
    • Low Position: Tactical Precision
  • MIL++ Heavy Duty Hammer Springs
    • Very Hard Hammer Strikes
    • High Power Touch Off for Ultimate Accuracy
    • Yet, Medium Pull Weights

Standard Benefits:

  • Crisp, Clean, Trigger Break
  • Very Short Over-Travel
  • Very, Positive Reset You Can Feel and Hear

The EDT3 manages to surpass the EDT2 when it comes to creating a high performance and precision upgrade for AR-15s along with AR-10 rifles. Standing for High-Performance Touch and Enhanced Duty Trigger, the Hipertouch EDT3 by Hiperfire is the latest model that delivers a compelling performance upgrade over stock triggers.

Featuring a two-position trigger bow, the pull weight of the EDT3 is five to six pounds with the red hammer spring or four to five pounds with the green hammer spring. The trigger is geared toward DMR usage and works in all environmental conditions, home defense, competitions, hunting, and more. It is the upgrade that many AR-15 and AR-10 lovers have been wanting for many years.

The EDTs are made to deliver a higher performance all for a low, competitive price. For law enforcement, hunters, and competitors, the EDT3 works wonder over the stock trigger thanks to the minimum pull weight of just 4.5 pounds. Also, there are other advantages with the EDT3.

  • Faster Lock Time: The EDT3 offers a speedier lock time compared to stock springs resulting in a better performance overall.
  • User-Adjustable: The trigger can be 4 or 5 or 6 pounds just by changing out the hammer springs.
  • Sear Designed Paradigm: Only a tiny amount of creep in the pull.
  • Mil-Spec Hammer Fall: The Mil-Spec springs are heavier than the stock springs. The Hiperfire EDT3 allows the hammer to strike fast, smooth, and clean.

The Enhanced Duty Trigger offers those in the military, hunter, law enforcement, home defender, and competitor a more reliable, better working trigger than its stock counterpart even under bad conditions. The EDT3 was designed to work in all types of conditions time and time again. This is because the debris and carbon fouling that can build up at the bottom of the disconnector slot seen in stock triggers may cause the disconnector to jam. This will impede the performance of the semi-auto function and have to clean it out manually.

However, the EDT3 trigger slot features holes running along the bottom so that the disconnector itself will self-clean by shoving out the debris and carbon fouling. This means that the function of the disconnector is not compromised. Also, the bottom of the trigger has been raised along with the end being moved in another direction which increases the gap clearance. This means that if debris from a source should go through the ejection port when shooting in the prone position, the potential jamming of the hammer reset is minimal thanks to this design.

Overall, the Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT3 is a remarkable product that offers enhanced qualities to the trigger pull and performance of the AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.


  • Semi-Auto, Single Stage
  • Drop-In AR-15/10
  • Offers Fire Control for .223/5.56 & .308/7.62 NATO, 300 BLK
  • Two User-Adjustable Trigger Weights: 4.5 & 5.5 pounds
  • Enhanced Duty Trigger
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steels
  • No Need to Remove Safety Selector During Installation
  • Short “Creep” w/Quicker Travel Time to Break from Reset
  • Quicker Hammer Lock-Up than Stock Versions
  • US Patent Pending & Made in the USA
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