DAA Lynx Belt - Half Link Extension Piece

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The Lynx Belt Half Link Extension Piece is a solution to requests received by some shooters using the unique DAA Lynx belts, wanting to be able to extend the length of their belt by half a link’s length only.

While we did design the expanding buckle piece to have a range of expansion larger than the length of a single link, some users have said they like to keep the buckle tight – and adding a full length Link makes it looser than they would prefer. Others have commented that they would like an easy way to adjust the belt length just a little, to compensate for shooting with more or less clothing tucked in.

Here at DAA we listen to our customer’s suggestions, and are pleased to offer this new Lynx belt accessory. Currently, this part is 3D printed by the most advanced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, which produces a strong and accurate part, made of reinforced Nylon12.

The Lynx Belt Half Link Extension Piece clicks onto your existing belt’s end piece, without the need to replace it. you don’t need to go looking for your punch and hammer to remove a pin from the belt – you can click the extension on, or remove it in seconds – no tools required


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