Atlas Gunworks Optic Mount RTS2, Romeo3Max and XL

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Available in silver or black anodized aluminum. Cut from a solid piece of billet aluminum. Standard  frame 5 holes @.375” spacing commonly found on USPSA style pistols. Includes 5-40 screws to mount to your gun (trimming may be necessary). The mount is designed for wide dust cover guns (frame is as wide as the slide). Narrow dust cover guns such as older STI will require additional shim (spacer).  Upgraded sight mounting screws are M4x0.7 by 12mm long.  



  • AGW Optic Mount RTS2, Romeo3Max and XL
  • Sight mounting screws: M4x0.7 by 12mm long.  
  • industry standard frame mounting 5-40 screws (trimming may be required)
  • Built in blast shield 

*factory screws that may have come with your sight are not compatible*



  • C-more RTS2
  • C-more STS
  • SIG Romeo3Max
  • SIG Romeo3XL
  • Vortex Razor
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