Shooting Sports Nitro Pad, STI/SV 2011 Basepad

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The SSI Nitro Pad BasePad

Design intent:

Design a sleek, one piece design that doesn't require latches, set screws or sticky push pins.  A "no tools required" design that isn't just another copy.  

Design an original basepad that fits STI Gen1, STI Gen2, SV and Rescomp magazine tubes touching the EGW USPSA 171.25/141.25 Gauge (Ref: APPENDIX E1 USPSA NROI Rule Book). One size fits all calibers of 170, 155, 140mm tubes.  Does not fit ALL MBX magazines.  MBX compatibility has mixed results, old MBX vs new MBX.  MBX tube tabs can be narrowed to work.  Mag feed lip tuning on all tubes may be required to lay perfectly in the gauge. The Nitro Pad design maximizes mag capacity. 

Designed for comfort.. Ever have a super fast, high stress reload that hurt your precious palm?  The Nitro Pad footprint is as small as possible while featuring a big corner radius.  A "close to tube" design ensures you grab the magazine off the belt without interference from the basepad.  As a bonus, the open back design allows debris to fall freely from your mag to reduce cleaning time. 

The Nitro Pad works with ALL magwells commercially available for the 2011 and 2011 clone pistols.  This includes the many deep radiused Limcat copies.


Weight: 0.475 oz

Material: AL 6061

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