MBX 155mm Complete Magazine for Glock Pistols

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Are your Glock mags dropping freely and performing consistently? If not, you should give our MBX steel magazines a try. We developed a seamless, one-piece steel body Glock style magazine. We improved the reduction angles and added a second stage near the top to maintain a fast and consistent “nose up presentation”. We engineered the body of the tube to correctly stack, align and feed 9mm tapered cases. The tubes have been heat treated and tempered for consistent performance and durability. The base retention lips are infinitely stronger than the plastic and will not fail when you need extreme durability.

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Best magazine made

Review by Jimmy J on 1/6/2023

I run these magazines in my JP Enterprise GMR 15 PCC and they are the most reliable feeding and always drop free from the gun during quick reloads. Factory plastic Glock magazines stick in the magwell or have occasional feeding issues, but these MBX mags work perfectly, and I highly recommend them for any competition type use I run the high-capacity MBX BIG STICKS for long stages and the shorter magazines during mandatory reload stages. MBX is pricey but worth the cost when you need the performance to be top quality. also customer service at Shooters Connection is fast and friendly.

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