• MBX Air Buffer Recoil Reduction System

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MBX Air Buffer Recoil Reduction System

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How it Works!

The Air Buffer System is used in the buffer tube to control felt recoil and sits behind the bolt carrier. During the normal firing cycle, the bolt moves rearward at a high rate of speed. As the Air Buffer System moves rearward the air is compressed within the buffer tube causing resistance due to a rise in air pressure. The rifle's bolt carrier velocity is subsequently reduced and felt recoil is reduced. Also the Air Buffer System creates a vacuum when the bolt travels into battery therefore reducing the harsh slam, muzzle dip, and perceived sight movement. Translation, less felt recoil and less movement in the sighting system means faster shooting with better hits than most standard buffer systems. The Air Buffer System uses a special low friction self lubricating X-Ring seal placed around the buffer that captures air within the buffer tube converting it into an air shock absorber. The X-ring seal also keeps the metal buffer head from contacting the tube directly and this makes for a very SMOOTH quiet action during operation.

The Air valve screw on the buffer’s face is screwed in clockwise, closing the passage, to reduce the air loss, thus increasing air compression/pressure within the tube and decreasing felt recoil. Turning counter clockwise, opening the air flow, will allow more air to escape reducing the compression and dampening effect.


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