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The Weber Tactical Gamer magazine pouch is a precision molded mag pouch that fits 2011 style magazines. Built with cutting edge Mag Retention Device (MRD) technology, the Gamer line of pistol mag pouches stands up to the challenge of retaining your magazines during the most challenging of stages, while still positioning the magazine for fast, and consistent reloads.
Weber Tactical takes great pride in being a leader in innovation and technology in our design and manufacturing process. We know that there is no greater frustration for a shooter than not having the gear they need when they need it. We’ve watched shooters at matches yard sale their mags all over the ground, and the frustration we felt for them led to the development of the Gamer Line Pistol Magazine Pouch.
The MRD inside the Weber Tactical Gamer Magazine Pouch allows the shooter to set their desired retention level without having to worry about the mag falling out. Designed to the push the magazine forward in the pouch, rather than pinching it from the side, MRD is a retention device that stands the rigors of competition, match, after match. This type of retention is allow what allows us to mold out Gamer Magazine Pouch to fit every style of 2011 magazines (STI, SV Infinity, MBX, and more) and Double Stack 9/40 (Glock, SW M&P, XD/XDm, P320s)
The MRD requires a ⅛” Allen wrench to adjust the retention. The beauty of the MRD is that there is a locking washer in the design to keep the screw from moving once it’s set. This means you can shoot for an entire season and never worry about the retention level of your mag pouch changing.
The Weber Tactical Gamer Line of Magazine pouches is legal for USPSA, IDPA, and 3 Gun.
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