Springer Precision Offset Hanger Bladetech/Comp-Tac 1.55" and 1.75" belt

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Machined from aluminum, our offset hanger attachment is versatile, stable and built for years of fast draws. 5 mounting locations allow you to adjust for height and the angle slot allows you to adjust the angle to suit your preferences. The belt mounting system allows you to mount the hanger on the most popular dual belt systems that are 1.55" (Bladetech, DAA, CR, Pantel, Safariland, ect) wide or 1.75" wide (Safariland ELS.)with the same mounting bracket. Mounting screws are included and it will use the factory Bladetech screws also.
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It works

Review by George on 6/30/2020

It works but has a design flaw. The “can’t” screws are som basic #8 galvanized with star lock washers which unnecessarily mar the bracket making fine tuning a pain. The screw washer combo is too small for the channel it rides in, I assume to allow enough space for the screw head as the geometry changes when canted. Using Alan head #8 with a rippled washer slightly bigger then the channel solves the issue.


Review by Luke B on 8/16/2019

Very sturdy, very well made. Stays where I put it and haven't had to constantly readjust it and retighten like some others I've had in the past.

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