• Harrison Design Exact-Fit Ejector 9mm Long Nose Stainless

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Harrison Design Exact-Fit Ejector 9mm Long Nose Stainless

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Item #: HD-276
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The Exact-Fit Ejector is designed with features that provide the installer with a best-quality ejector, engineered to make a much easier fitting process than the large body oversize ejectors.

Construction -

Made from high grade carbon  steel, stress relieved prior to machining to relax the steel, improve grain structure and eliminate warping. Then properly heat treated to the optimum hardness for the application.

 The Exact-Fit Ejector is made to maximum size in all dimensions for added strength and to fill the annoying gap around the ejector at the rear of the slide.

Features include - 

Max spec size, full length mounting studs front and rear, with a max radius around the base of the studs where they connect to the ejector body to prevent sheering. 

The front of the ejector body follows the angle of the magazine well and leaves extra material under the extended nose transitioning into a long sweeping radius for maximum strength. Ejector nose breakage will be a thing of the past. 

Extra material is left on the top-most surface for fitting to slide as well as the inboard side of the nose for added strength and to provide a solid strike on the case rim. 

Three raised fitting pads are part of the left hand side at the rear end of the ejector body so they can be  machined or carefully hand-filed for a perfect fit. They are staggered by length so you only have to spot the contact and fit one pad at a time.

The rear stud is left extra-long to secure the rear of the ejector tightly to the frame preventing it from rising up after use.

The extra extended nose on the 9mm model has the necessary chamfer on the underside of the ejector nose to avoid or reduce contact with the LH magazine feed lip and/or rim of the top round.


An extended ejector will start ejection sooner, before the next round in the magazine has time to pop up and knock the empty case off the extractor. Care must be taken to insure that live rounds can be ejected. Do not do this test with a loaded round, a dummy round should be used in testing, that has the correct length. If a loaded round gets wedged sideways in the port, the nose of the ejector can pierce the primer and set the round off. 

Ejection ports such as the COLT Series ‘80 are cut extra- long in the front for loaded round clearance, but other GI style ports may require modification. If the nose of the bullet contacts the front of the ejection port tipping it back inside, either the ejector nose must be shortened, or the front of the ejection port must be modified / beveled for extra clearance for the loaded round. 

Application Advice -

1911s chambered for the 9mm Luger, 9x19, 9mm Parabellum in most cases, need an ejector with a longer nose because some loadings do not always have adequate power to cycle the slide to the rear end of it's stroke, especially in Gov't Models. For this application, you order the HD-273 (C/S).

Harrison Design Exact-Fit Ejector 9mm Long Nose Carbon


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