CARVER Tungsten Guide Rod Uncaptured Glock Gen 3 G17/22/31

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Fits Gen 3  Models:17,22,31  -Largest Diameter Tungsten Guide Rod Available  -More than twice the weight of Stainless Steel  - Heaviest guiderod available


-Test results show an average of 60% reduction in muzzle rise, and less felt recoil, compared to OEM and stainless steel guide rods.

-Precision ground for smoother cycling.

-Uncaptured for faster and easier spring changes.

-Rod is .275 diameter (most captured rods average .235 diameter)

Custom milled solid guiderod, 3.21" long and designed to fit uncaptured Wolff guiiderod springs. The rigid but smooth surface of this rod will prevent spring coils from binding and creating additional friction when the slide cycles. The additional weight of this 2.0 oz guiderod will help add additional weight to assist with recoil.  This guiderod assembly works great with the Glock G22 or G31 as well as the Glock 17. 
Ideal for competition, carry, defense and recreational shooting.  
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