Techwell PCC Magwell for Fox Trot Mike FM-9 and YHM-155 G9 9mm Glock Mag

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PCC TECHWELL for Fox Trot Mike FM-9 and Yankee Hill Machine YHM-155 G9 9mm Glock Mag

Patent Info:

Lightning-Fast Mag Changes. Requires no gunsmithing.  1/16” Hex Wrench included.

Made from super slippery, super durable, Acetyl Delrin. Easy to file off the slight wear over time, even for the daily dry-firer.

Clearly described Installation Instructions supplied with each PCC Techwell.

SPECS: Black Acetyl Delrin. Weight 3 Oz. +/-



If your lower has an additional coating on it (meaning over the hard coat anodization they all begin with), you will need some additional installation information BEFORE INSTALLATION.

PCC Coating Filing Instructions 

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