Kart NM XACT Fit Barrel 5" .45 ACP Ramped C/P

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Kart NM XACT Fit Barrel 5" .45 ACP Ramped C/P
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Kart NM Xact Fit barrel .45 c/p ramp 5"

Review by L.A.gunguy on 5/2/2019

Shooters Connection was the best place to have a variety of Kart barrels in stock. Fitting was relatively easy and the accuracy from Kart is fantastic.

Barrel Review

Review by None on 10/12/2018

Despite the name being "Xact Fit" the barrel had to be hand fitted. That being said, after I had a gunsmith hand fit it for me, it is the most accurate pistol I own. I consistently get groups under 1 1/2" from the first time firing it. The gunsmith who fitted it and fired it with me the first time was so impressed, he ordered one for one of his custom 1911's that already had a decent barrel in it. I am very please with the quality of this item. Be aware though, it is NOT a drop in barrel. It WILL HAVE TO BE HAND FITTED by a competent gunsmith. I love it though.

Highly recommended

Review by Billm67 on 6/7/2017

Built a 2011 with kart barrel and ckarms frame. Used para/Clark ramp and the barrel frame fit was spot on. The kart barrel is very accurate and the chamber is on the snug side but feeds 200 swc with just a slight bit of additional taper crimp. I'll use kart barrels from now on when fitting a new 1911 barrel.

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