• GRAYGUNS P320 Adjustable Trigger System – Competition

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GRAYGUNS P320 Adjustable Trigger System – Competition

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Item #: KT-3
Reg. Price: $149.00
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The Grayguns Adjustable Competition Trigger System for the SIG Sauer® P320 is a drop-in, enhanced trigger package with competition sear for your P320 that reduces trigger weight as low as 4 pounds while preserving all mechanical safety values. Includes our adjustable straight trigger or hybrid (Slight Curve) with built-in over-travel adjustment.

Specifically designed for P320s with current fire control unit components, or those who have gone through SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade Program. This system is for competition or range use only.

The new Grayguns P320 Adjustable Competition Trigger System delivers the unequalled smooth feel and hot performance of our custom action work in a cleverly engineered drop-in kit.  

Paired with Bruce Gray’s exclusive trigger design, this is the most advanced drop in competition system available for all post/Voluntary Upgrade P320 models.

The P320 Competition Adjustable Trigger System is intended for installation by an armorer, gunsmith or skilled individual who is familiar with the P320 fire control unit. 

The kit includes the following exclusive Grayguns elements:

  • Our newly designed straight trigger with built in over-travel adjustment
  • Precision-ground custom sear, polished and finished in hard nickel PTFE. Specifically designed for competition or range use only.
  • Grayguns original competition sear springs
  • Intermediate competition sear springs
  • Original soft competition trigger bar spring
  • New snappy-reset trigger bar spring 
  • Micro-polished, extended safety lever pin


Specifications and Features

  • Specifically intended for use only in P320s that have gone through SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade Program.
  • Reduces trigger pull weight to suit your preferences, with additional springs provided to yield custom pull weights.
  • Adjustable over-travel, stops at optimum trigger face angle
  • Smoother takeup and clean release sensation, with clean reset
  • Preserves factory sear face engagement height and mechanical safety values
  • Proven reliable and durable for high-volume professional use
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

Fit Guide

Fits all variations within the P320 (upgraded) system. Including all sizes, TACOPS Carry, X-VTAC, X-Carry, X-Five and RX versions.


These parts are intended for installation by a qualified armourer or gunsmith. In some cases professional fitting will be required by a trained, qualified armorer/gunsmith who is very familiar with the pistol’s action. This is due to the varying tolerances present in all mass-produced firearms. Although kits fit with no issues in a great majority of pistols, Grayguns is unable to guarantee perfect functionality in every instance. Grayguns does offer installation services for all parts kits we offer. Note – The safety lever spring is no longer needed in the P320, and is not included in the kit.


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by shooters connection
on 6/24/2020
great trigger
The change from a stock trigger is unbelievable 
by ToddM
on 6/17/2020
Brought down the trigger pull to 2.5lbs. A must for competition.
by tekhead1219
on 5/13/2020
Installed this trigger kit in my Sig M17 and WOW. The difference in trigger pull was outstanding. Will be looking to GRAYGUNS for for my next competition gun.
by Jorge Sosa
on 2/8/2020
Simply an excellent trigger
We first prove the Apex trigger. That do not operate as advertised. The only thing they have good is the short travel. Now we change to the Grayguns Comp. Trigger and it was simply excellent and operate as advertised. Trigger pull go from 5.25 to 3.5 pounds with a short travel. Finally, the service of Shooter Connection was precise. Receive the trigger on 3 days to P.R.. Thanks.
by TommyGNR
on 12/31/2019
A Game Changer
Put this kit in a M17. The trigger in that gun is now as good as the one in my X5 Legion.
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