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Double Alpha Race Master / Alpha-X Holster Block

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Over the years, we occasionally heard from customers the following complaint: “sometimes, when I try to re-holster my gun, the slide lock is down, and I have to lift it manually”. This complaint was almost exclusively from Tanfoglio or Sig shooters.

As it turns out, the issue never was that the slide lock had fallen down, but rather that the edge of the trigger guard on these guns, being steel and often a little sharper than plastic guns, was catching on the upper tooth of the slide lock – rather than sliding past it to engage on the lower tooth, as it should. As a result, the slide lock would move down under the trigger guard, rather than engaging on it, forcing the user to first lift the slide lock all the way up before re-holstering.

This issue is caused because the slide lock is only lifted on the draw as far as it needs to go to release the gun. That means that upper tooth is displaced sideways only as far as was needed – and no more. Not all the way to the upper end of the track.

So – after some trial and error, research and development, we are pleased to offer you the new Magnetic Upgrade option for your Racer or Race-Master holsters.

This system incorporates a pair of powerful magnets, which are positioned to reject each other – creating what feels like a spring-loaded system – and two very distinct positions for the slide lock – all the way down – and ALL the way up.

Now, as the gun is released on the draw – the magnets continue to push the slide lock upwards – higher than the gun itself pulled it – thereby ensuring that when you come to re-holster, there is no chance of catching that upper tooth as you holster.

An additional benefit of this magnetic system is a distinctive “click” which is heard as you holster. Something that is common with other holsters, and requested by some for the Race Master as well.

Note that this Magnetic system replaces the option of the Tension adjustment Knob. It does away with the aluminum wedge and spring as well.


 If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS Czechmate or CZ TS Orange, please see picture of the trigger guard.


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by LWL
on 6/2/2020
As described
Works perfectly.
by SG
on 5/27/2020
Speed holster insert
So far the best out there! functionality and performance top notch. Being a modular type system, awesome product.
by Loyd wenzel
on 3/27/2020
Territory Sales Manager
Always good service. That is why I come back. 
by Brent Parker
on 3/13/2020
Great experience
Great experience with shooters connection 👍. I emailed them at 1100 to ensure that it was the correct product for my pistol. They replied at 1200 I ordered it at 1200 and got a shipping confirmation at 100. This is how business should be conducted. The trigger block fit perfectly as expected on my TSO. 
by J
on 12/10/2019
Competitive shooter
Excellent product. Simple drop in design and draws under 1 second are the norm. Highly recommend through l this holster. By the way this fit my cheeley aggressive grip well with very minimal tuning. 
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