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  • CR Speed - Super Hi-Torque Belt- Black

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Reg. Price: $59.00
Our Price: $49.00

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CR Speed High Torque Belt Black comes with one inner belt, one outer belt, and one belt keeper.

. This is a must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget your pant size or your belt size. Measure your waist. Take that number and go to the next size. If your waist measures 38" , Order a 40". If it measures 37" , order a 40". The extra 2" is for the extra space from the inner belt, pouches and holster. If you follow this guideline it will not fail. Again DO NOT use your pant or belt size , it means nothing. Clothing manufacturers oversize their clothes to make you feel better about wearing a smaller size than you actually are. Its usually about 4" off. I have gone through this hundreds of times.

We will continue to exchange belts for you as needed but keep in mind you pay shipping to return it and have it reshipped. Also the belts must be returned New, Unused, and with the packaging. So first of all measure your waist, don't guess or use pant and belt size and try it on first thing to make sure it fits.


If you have a suggestion on how to make this more clear i am open to suggestions. Chuck

Hi Chuck,

. Just wanted to let you know that I just got my belt and it fits perfectly. I followed your instructions to the letter. My belt and pants size is 34 but when I actually measured my waist a couple of different ways it was 35-36 so I ordered a 38 and have 8 inches overlap on the inner belt and about the same on the outer.

. Thanks for saving me (us actually) time and trouble.

. Tom Palmer


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by sbelew
on 6/2/2018
Great belt
I use 1 inner/outer belt setup with my CR Speed Versa Mag Pouches and just change my Blade Tech holsters with the Tek Lok. Rigid belt, comfortable and has held up well for almost 3 years now. Excellent setup
by egd
on 1/13/2018
Didn't tell me the correct size
I haven't used this belt in a match yet, but I'm sure it will work fine. What any buyer needs to know, and what they DO NOT tell you is that each belt comes about 8 inches longer than the nominal length size. I ordered a 52" belt thinking it would come that size, or maybe 54". It actually was 61.5". I had to return it and get a 46' which actually measured 54". They need to tell us this up front so we'll know what to order.

Response from Chuck- Please refer to the description where we explain how to size the belt and the video also explains it. We do try our hardest to explain it.
by Stan G.
on 1/6/2018
CR Speed Super Hi-Torque Belt
This belt is very popular among shooters in my area. It is easy to use, well made, and quite sturdy. It is stiff enough to provide a very stable base for drawing my pistol and magazines while remaining comfortable to wear. 
by John
on 9/17/2017
from Aurora
Great Comp Belt
Use this belt with single stack set up - perfect mounting platform for holster and pouches.
by Jeffrey Abernathy
on 5/18/2017
 These are great belts they stay in place and well made.
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