ZEV Technologies Combat v3 Sight Set, .215 FO

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  • Item #:  SIGHT.SET-215-FO-COM3-B
Reg. Price: $100.00
Our Price: $95.00
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Zev Technologies fiber optic sight sets are an inexpensive addition that a Glock owner can make to their firearm. The top 3 complaints from Glock owners are the trigger, grip, and sights.

--Fiber optic sight sets have the highest resolution and greatest ease of acquisition.

-- Higher visibility will allow you to keep your sights on target.

--The right Zev Technologies Sight set will improve your shots on target dramatically over a factory Glock sight set.

--Notch width of .140 & Notch Dept of .145 will allow you enough room to keep your eyes on target during transitions.

Zev Technologies Parts always incorporate design, feel, and performance.

Zev Technologies fiber optic sight sets are machined and assembled from Quality Billet materials and built to las
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