Wolff EAA Witness / Tangolio Recoil Springs

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Recoil Springs

Fits Full Size Models Only

Recoil springs are available with load-rated specifications to tailor the recoil function to individual needs. Each load-rated recoil spring pak includes an extra power firing pin spring.

For use in:
 Standard Size Models

    Factory Rating: 14 Lb. - 9mm, .45 ACP, Super .38 and 10mm
    Factory Rating: 12 Lb. - .40 S&W all models except CZ
    Factory Rating: 16 Lb. - .40 S&W - CZ Only
    Factory Rating: 13 Lb. - CZ 97 .45 ACP   (14-16 Lb springs suggested for hardball in CZ97)

EAA Witness Series Pistols
   Tanfoglio TZ-75, TZ-90 and TZ-95 Pistols

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