Shooters Connection Joey Hardy 9mm Spacers 170mm

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Stainless Steel Spacers for using 9mm cartridge in 38 super mags. Must use 9mm followers either by Grams, Arredondo or STI with these spacers. These pacers come in 170mm length with a little extra for fitting to your specific basepad. Not including a +2/3+ pad which you cant use on a 170 mag anyway. . Will need some final fitting for length and form of mag. Back edge that sits against back of mag needs corners rounded or beveled for proper fit. Thees can be cut down and used as 140mm spacer. These are sold individually although picture shows multiples to give different views of the product.

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Review by Gary on 11/20/2020

Good quality product

STI magazine spacers

Review by Jameson Suarez on 4/28/2019

Very durable and awesome product.

Review by JayDogg on 8/21/2018


Review by rte on 8/2/2017

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