Patriot Defense Tanfoglio Optimized “BOLO” Interrupter with Pin

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  • Item #:  PD-TF-BOLO/PIN
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NOTE – For a trouble free install with the BOLO interrupter we recommend you have the Xtreme Sear and Titan Hammer installed on your pistol. These two items are a must if your looking for a trouble free install on your firearm.

  • Please read the below product description before purchasing.
  • Some pistols will require fitting due to the vast amount of machining tolerance variations in these pistols. 
  • The supplied pin is designed to float in the hammer pin holes, use grease to aid in assembly and keep the pin from falling out. 
  • Please contact us should you have any question regarding fitting or modifying your BOLO


The number one complaint Tanfoglio owners have about their guns…..…the trigger.

The patent pending Patriot Defense Optimized Bolo Interrupter was conceptualized and created by some of the best shooters in the world. It not only levels the playing field, but when installed properly, it can achieve nearly zero pre-travel in single action. Precision CNC machined and heat treated for optimum life and performance to the end user the Gen 1 Bolo Interrupter was machined specifically for the Stock II and Stock III pistols. Due to feedback we’ve received on the most current configuration of Tanfoglio pistols; most people have the Extreme Sear, and Titan or Delta hammer already installed in their pistol. We recommend you already have it installed as well to get the most out of your Tanfoglio firearm and a trouble free install. Combine the Bolo with Patriot Defense’s new hammer springs for a stack-less smooth trigger pull!

We have installed the Gen 1 on Limited and Gold Teams, but please be aware, those guns had a double action hammer and Extreme parts. The interrupter will require more extensive modification to fit under the sear. We are currently working on a Gen 2 geared specifically for the Limited and Gold Team in a ‘drop-in’ capacity. We will offer technical support if you choose to fit the Gen 1 into a Limited or Gold Team.

We’ve delayed the release of this part in order to work through countless possible and potential issues over numerous beta versions. We recommend you please contact us first or see a qualified gunsmith for assistance before modifying the interrupter or your firearm. Important Warning: Modification to your firearm will void manufacturers warranty. This product must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.


Installation Directions-

  1. Check single action function, first.  SA should drop and reset with the slide on.  If SA does not break or reset, remove material from angle 1, following the natural curve of the interrupter. This also applies if SA breaks, but does not reset.
  1. Check double action function.  If DA does not break remove material from angle 2. CAUTION: This is an extremely sensitive part of the process; if you do not feel comfortable attempting this, please have a qualified gunsmith fit this part or send your firearm to Patriot Defense for proper fitting.



BOLO Fitting 





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