Patriot Defense Tanfoglio Grip - Full - LG Frame Palm Swell

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The Patriot Defense “name” grips are hands down the most aggressive and ergonomically pleasing grips on the market made for CZ and Tanfoglio . The aggressive stippling pattern bites hard and locks your grip into place with even the slightest grip pressure. Made from aircraft grade Aluminum, and precision CNC’d for a perfect fit on your frame. Each grip set comes standard with our unique Torx head screw and pre-loading Belleville spring for securing the grip panels to your frame. 

Our unique palm swell design is engineered to create a neutral grip pressure which rolls your hands in towards the top of the bore axis and minimizes pressure on your tendons in your forearms. This “high neutral” grip also allows the shooter to reduce recoil and maintain a clearer sight picture.


  • Alunimum
  • Weight: Set:1.6oz, Single Panel:0.8 oz
  • Large Frame (Square Trigger Guard- Lim Pro, Stock 1, Stock 2, Stock 3)
  • Set of Torx Head screw (and pre-loading bellville spring)
  • Anodized or Raw
  • Does not fit with magwells
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