Kart NM XACT Fit Barrel 5" 9mm Ramped W/N

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Kart NM XACT Fit Barrel 5" 9mm Ramped W/N

Install a precision quality barrel using just four small hand tools. The only fitting required is to adjust lockup with the two raised pads located on either side of the rear locking groove, cut the barrel hood to correct length and fit the bushing to the slide. A national match bushing is pre-fit to the barrel; has oversize O.D. for precise fitting to slide. Bottom lugs are fully finished and the correct length link installed to save hours of work. 4150 ordnance steel, in-the-white.
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Recreational shooter

Review by John on 12/9/2020

Good choice for first build

Review by Joshua on 9/1/2020

The barrel to bushing fit is nice to have prefit however there was not enough material on the barrel hood edge on the opposite side of the ejection port. I wish I could upload a picture to show it but the hood edge closest to the ejection port was about .010" heavy but the other side was about .020" shy of the slide. If you're looking for a perfect lockup and fit I would look elsewhere but other than that its a good barrel.
Response From Chuck- If you think the barrel is out of spec then please call us to get in touch with Kart about it. Although I have never had another of their barrels out of spec. I am curious if it isn't the slide or possibly what we call stacking of tolerances. In any even Kart will make it right if it is out of spec.

Excellent Product

Review by Kart Barrel on 9/5/2019

Part of a 2011 build. Worked very well with normal fitting.

Excellent barrel, not too difficult to install

Review by Douglas on 8/4/2018

I changed the stock barrel of a Springfield Armory Range Officer with the Kart Xact Fit in 9mm. Groups went from 6+ inches to <2" at 25 yards. If you are moderately inclined to fix mechanical things, fitting the barrel isn't too difficult. Best advice I could give is: Read the instructions and understand them BEFORE starting! And get the easy fit tool kit.

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