KKM .355 Caliber Bushing Barrel 6"

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Premium Match Barrel with precision button rifling.KKM has been a leader in custom pistol barrel manufacturing for the last decade providing the most consistent and accurately machined products available for competition, duty and tactical weaponry. From our world famous Glock barrels to our super accurate 1911 and Beretta bull's-eye barrels, every product we make sets the highest standards in precision shooting. KKM barrels far surpass any standard barrel made today and our secret is our unique Button Rifling process. Our reputation has been built upon our ability to produce an accurate and consistent pistol barrel and no process can produce a rifled bore better than Button rifling. Button rifling is a process, in which a Titanium Nitride coated Carbide button is pulled under pressure to displace metal to produce a rifled barrel. This process is very expensive but produces a better finished size, surface finish, and surface hardness as well as maintains a more uniform rate of twist then any other rifling process. Each button can be used to produce thousands a barrels before wearing undersized. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control. Over the past 10yrs we have perfected the art of button rifling. We now produce all of our own uniquely designed buttons in house.
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