GRAYGUNSLaser-Sculpted Grip Module – P365 Manual Safety System Black

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Laser-Sculpted Grip Module, P365 Manual Safety System (Black)

 This is a full conversion kit, including our custom laser-sculpted grip module and OEM manual safety components. You can now add a manual safety to any of your P365s.

The custom designed, laser-sculpted grip module start off as a standard SIG grip module. We laser texture the module for extra grip and pre-cut them for the manual safety.

Our laser-sculpted grip modules use an etched “Grayscale” pattern which is 50 percent deeper than standard.  The module still retains enough smoothness in areas to allow the weapon to move against clothing.

The process and coverage of the Grayguns laser-sculpted module increases the stippled grip area by 40 percent. This adds more in front of, and behind the original factory grip area.

Occasionally, different colors may be available. Check the drop down menu for availability.

These individually crafted modules are laser grayscaled in a process that interacts with the natural variations in the polymer. The end result is a laser stippling that becomes unique to the particular module.

When removing the fire control unit from your module and doing the upgrade, ensure you disassemble and reassemble correctly. Follow the instructional video.

Cerakote modules are processed by hand, and may wear with holster use. If you receive a grip module with any defects or blemishes please let us know before you install it. Because of the custom nature of this product, once it’s used we may not be able to take it back for a refund.

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  • Fits all P365 variants


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