Extreme Shooters EXTRA Small STI 2011 DVC Grip Gen 1

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Extra Small option and we will reduce the main spring housing to its smallest size possible.  Great if you need just a bit more reduction.

Featured on all of STI International's DVC Limited, DVC Open, DVC Tactical, DVC Steel, and DCV 3-Gun, this is a sweet balance between size, feel and performance. Perfect for medium to small hands with an incredible anti-slip feel.  Not too aggressive but just enough grit to become the industries BEST 2011 grip.  Features include a full reduction, custom scaling texture, double undercut trigger guard and funnel cut.   They will fit ALL 2011 STI models including the "EDGE" and will also fit most double stack SV guns.  (Requires minor trimming to fit an SV frame.)

*****Please note with the new Staccato 2020 STI Frame, a STI Gen 1 style mag catch is required if upgrading to an Extreme Shooters textured grip.****
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Modified Grip

Review by Keithwhite100 on 5/4/2021

Fit the gun with only slight modifications. had to clean out groove for trigger slide and file some edges down. Installing this voided the warrantee on my gun but so what I now have a grip I can wrap my hand around and it allowed me to install an extended Mag release. Keith

DVC grip for smaller hands

Review by Alan on 6/1/2020

Great grip for small hands. The dragon scales look and feels very good also.

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