DAA Outward Facing Magnetic Pouch

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Building on the success of the Magnetic Single Stack Pouch, DAA is pleased to offer the same configuration in two new models, a 2011 wide body and a CZ/TAN double-stack magazine size.


Two 20 mm-round magnets hold the magazine firmly inside the pouch track, allowing for secure retention and yet enabling a smooth and effective magazine release. The base on the pouch is the same as used in the Racer line, providing for two height positions and a step rotation adjustment. The thin steel plate at the back of the belt-hanger minimizes separation between the inner and outer belt. Perfect for these pouches, which are often mounted close together on the outer shooting belt. This pouch configuration is ideal when wanting to mount pouches close together and allow easy access to multiple magazines without having to reach too far back. Available in Black only.  Specify 2011 or CZ/TAN Mag size when ordering! These will not fit the CZ 20rd Heavy Duty Mags.

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Subpar quality from Double Alpha

Review by Jordan on 9/10/2023

I purchased 3 of these magnetic magazine pouches recently. 1 of the 3 arrived broken. I ended up using 2 of them to try at a match. Retention is horrible at best. Every stage that required moving during the course of fire resulted in every attached magazine falling or flying off when transitioning on targets. Even with a 155mm or 170mm MBX magazine. I have many DAA shooting accessories and am very happy with them. This however is a very poorly put together magnetic magazine pouch. I will not ever recommend these to anyone unless you prefer your magazines to become a projectile off of your hips. Incredibly inconvenient during a course of fire to be picking magazines up and trying to remedy the problem during a course of fire. 0 Stars for DAA on these. Response from Chuck-Not sure if the review is fair for the product except there are limitations and drawbacks for using a magnetic pouch anyway. First, they are not strong enough for a 155 or 170mm Loaded Magazine. Its too heavy and long. Any part of your body touching the magazine and it will dislodge as there is no retention past the magnetic hold. Magnetic pouches do have a specific niche they fill. Some like them and some do not.


Review by Phil on 8/1/2017

holds mags tighter than i thought even with extended base pads.. A+

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