Cheely Custom L2 Grip Kit Extra Aggressive - Stainless

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  • Item #:  GRP-150X
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L2 Grip Kit for 2011 pattern (STI, Stacatto, SVI, Etc) pistols.

Includes grip, drilled and tapped mag release & mainspring housing.

Our L2 pinned beavertail is a perfect match for this grip.

Magazine & basepad fitment will vary depending on the magwell selected. Check magwell descriptions for details.

Grip Weight Comparison with mainspring housing:
Stainless: 12.8oz
Aluminum: 4.7oz
Polymer: 2.8oz

STI/Stacatto style magwells will not work with our grip, the fit is different.

Grips are sold in a raw blasted finish. The grip should be installed and any blending work done before the final coating is applied. Aluminum grips need to be anodized for wear resistance and surface hardness. Standard STI fitment magwells will not fit our grip.

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