CR Speed 1911 Spacer

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CR Speed 1911 Magazine Pouch Spacer

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It allows you to convert your Pouches to accept 1911, single stack type magazines, without any gaps or problems that may arise with the factory style spacers. The top of the Spacer has been sanded and rounded for slick reloads and acts like a magwell. These are great for table starts where you must put your magzines in your pouches at the buzzer. Magazine will also stick out away from your body an extra 1/2" more than regular traditional 1911 pouches, enabling you to get your thumb on the magazine a little easier.

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holster part

Review by shooter connection gitf on 4/9/2021


Work Great

Review by GolfGuns on 1/29/2019

These are great in the Versa pouches. Good setup for Single Stack.

They work with fiddling

Review by Display Name on 12/8/2018

Too thin but can be made to work with the right width spacer underneath. 3-4 layers of duct tape was about right. So far with CR Speed pouches I have always had to make some sort of spacers to get hole width close enough to be within screw tension adjustment range.

Competitive Shooter

Review by Dan on 7/22/2018

The screws that came with the mag pouches were barely long enough to catch. I just went to the hardware store and got longer ones RE: Just making sure you removed the STI spacer before putting in the 1911 spacer or that is is not backwards. The spacer is countersunk and the screw should be plenty long.

Recreational shooter

Review by David on 2/6/2018

Makes the Versa Mag Pouch more versatile.

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