CED 7000 RF Timer/Display Board Combo

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  • CED Display Board
  • CED 7000RF Timer
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CED7000RF / CED BigBoard Combo

WARNING! ALL RF electronic products that transmit on a frequency are sold specific to region. USA uses 314 MHz band for transmission and EEC countries use 434 MHz. Neither is legal in the other. Thus, a RF Timer sold in the US would have a 314 frequency and would NOT be compatible wiith any 434 systems sold in Europe. Further, ALL CED electronics sold today, use universal chargers (where applicable) BUT, if sold here in the USa, they come with flat pin adapter heads and if sold in EEC, they come with round pin, and if sold in Australia, they come with 3-prong head adapters. It is easy for the consumer to buy an adapter too convert these to their particular need, but we do not offer it. If you order a US Version to use in Europe or other countries, it will have to returned to CED-USA for service and there may be a shipping charge incurred even if under warranty.

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