AWT PCC GMR-15 Magwells

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PCC mag wells from solid aircraft grade aluminum bar stock. Other mag wells are made of nylon or plastic. Advanced Weapons Technology’s mag wells are CNC machined from the highest grade materials available. We have also made a single slope internal design that does not have a step on the inner wall of the mag well that may catch on the magazine during the reloading process. Another feature is the external locking screw that allows the mag funnel to be positioned more accurately while eliminating the screw hole on the inside of the mag well that may snag the magazine as well.
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Over priced

Review by Bruce on 12/11/2018

Paint almost gone in 10 events, steel challenge

Response from Chuck- Magwells , especially aluminum ones will get dinged , scratched and worn, its just the nature of the part, all of them, even handguns. This is the main reason Dawson invented his ice magwell with a delron insert to protect and easily be changed out as needed. In this case after 5 months of use some wear can be expected.

Buy Aluminum not Plastic

Review by PCC Shooter on 10/9/2018

Received this funnel and the detail to workmanship is second to none. Clean radius’s and a super slick finish. Unit has a recessed locking allen screw that insures it stays in place. The fit and finish on this funnel makes it look like it came on my GMR-15 from JP Rifles. Also - Shooters Connection has the fastest shipping in the industry. My oder shipped the same day I placed my order and I had this funnel in hand two days after placing my order. No need to go anywhere else. The staff at SC is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Thanks again SC for the perfect transaction. I will be back soon.

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