CED Brass Media Separator

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The CED Media Separator is the ideal tool to quickly separate brass from media with a simple turn of a handle. Brass is caught in the separator while the media falls into the bottom of the separator kit. For the BEST results, fill lower container with water to separate Stainless Steel Media from the brass

Product wht. 4.8 lbs.

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CED Brass Separator.

Review by Roderick on 8/18/2021

Works well but is a little flimsy. Best operation achieved with less than full load. As noted by others, works best with the brass being allowed to air dry a bit. Running thru a 2nd time after brass is fully dry insure no pins are left in cases. Insure your brass is well rinsed post cleaning otherwise residual debris will get spread around in side and is difficult to clean out of cage before next use.

Giving In.... Finally

Review by Doug on 12/1/2018

I don’t know why I waited so long to get one of these separators! I thought it was not necessary BUT now I realize what a treat it is to have and use! Works great and removes dry media very well very fast!!!

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