Taylor Freelance Canik Mete/Rival Backstrap - Brass - Black

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absorbs recoil
- lowers the center of gravity (less top-heavy)
- High-traction checkered surface (better control)
- built-in mount for magwell (both the factory magwell, and TF version)
- increased "weak hand" reliability
- brilliant brass color! 

Weight and felt recoil are directly related, so by adding weight, our brass backstrap calms the gun down, creating a smoother-shooting, softer-kicking, more-neutrally-balanced handgun. Adding weight to the frame also reduces the tendency toward "weak wrist" malfunctions common to all polymer frame handguns. This manifests itself most often when shooting weak-hand-only. The extra mass gives the frame a greater resistance to being pushed rearward in recoil -- helping ensure reliable cycling when the shooter can't supply full resistance due to weakness, poor form, or a too-low grip.

The brass backstrap concept descends directly from our famous "Seattle Slug" magazine guide, which adds 3.5 ounces of weight to the Gen. 2/3 Glock 17. That concept worked so well, it was eventually banned BY NAME in both USPSA and IDPA.

PLEASE WATCH THIS ASSEMBLY VIDEO -- bad things can happen if you do it wrong:  https://youtu.be/Sx3u4qq0ueY

Works on the Canik Rival as well! 


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