USPSA Official Licensed Targets USPSA 100 Count

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Shooters Connection is your trusted source for official targets used in IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA competitions. Our targets are the top choice for local, state, regional, and national matches, ensuring the highest quality and performance for all your shooting needs. 

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United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Targets

Designed for precision and durability, our USPSA-approved cardboard targets are essential for competitive shooters aiming to enhance their skills in accordance with United States Practical Shooting Association standards. Manufactured in the USA, these targets are officially licensed and meet all USPSA specifications for competition use. Perfect for both training sessions and official matches, our USPSA targets help shooters accurately score and improve their shooting performance.

What's in the Box:
  • 100 targets per box
  • "Silhouette" style target made to United States Practical Shooting Association standards
  • Heavy duty cardboard to last hundreds of rounds
  • Natural "brown cardboard" on scoring side
  • White "No-Shoot" coating on opposite side
  • Alpha, Charlie, and Delta scoring zones
  • Suitable for USPSA training, matches, and general marksmanship training
  • Target measures 29.9" tall X 18.1" wide

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 36 reviews )


Review by Chris on 1/13/2022

Like the title says, disappointed with these targets. Appears to made of recycled cardboard , pasters don’t stick well at all. Won’t buy again. Response from Chuck- I can tell you that I have been told the cardboard does have 10% recycle material and that all cardboard has at least 10% recycled material. This is the first bad review on our targets. Not sure why the cardboard has anything to do with pasters sticking but maybe the fact these were delivered north of Cleveland in the winter might have something to do with it. Its a known issue when its cold with all pasters. Although we do use the most aggressive adhesive that is available for this purpose. We have sold MILLIONS of targets and never had this complaint before.


Review by Brian on 8/6/2021

These are great USPA targets and we utilize the back of them as hostage targets! (There White on the back)

Match Director

Review by Jerry Greg on 6/5/2021

You are my go-to for targets. Prompt shipping and delivery of all of my orders.

Official Targets of the ESP Bighorn Classic

Review by Scott M on 5/18/2021

We have been using Shooter's Connection targets for the last 3 years. Great service, speedy order processing.

Owner Space Coast Practical Shooters

Review by Paul R on 5/14/2021

Fast shipping

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