• Uplula Universal Pistol Loader

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Uplula Universal Pistol Loader

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Item #: MGLUP60B
Our Price: $33.95
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With the UpLULA™ you can

Load hundreds of rounds, painlessly !


- Loads all* .45, .40, 10mm, .357, and 9mm caliber rounds and magazines; both single and double stack mags., of all manufacturers.

- No inserts, spacers or adjustments at all! One size fits all.

- Easy and quick loading; Rounds just drop in with no fingers pushing or pressing the rounds.

- Up to one round per sec. loading rate.

- Fits in hand and pocket, weighs only 66 grams (2.3 Ounce).

- Highly durable.

. Benefits:

- 1/3 of the time loading mags.

- No more pain !

- Protects your fingers and mags.

- Load hundreds of rounds, painlessly.

- Dealers: Supply your customers with a problem solver; something they really need and will appreciate.

- Manufacturers: Add more value to your pistol kit.

- One SKU.

.Load them all*:

- Astra, Auto Ordnance, Barak, Beretta, Browning, Bul, Colt, CZ, EAA, FN, Glock, HK, Hi-Point, High Standard,Jerico, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Kimber, Les Baer, Llama, Luger, Magnum Research, Para Ordnance,Phonix Arms, Ruger, Sigma, Sig/Sauer, S&W, Springfield Armory, Star, Steyr, Taurus, Vector, Walter, and more.

. Does NOT load properly:

Glock 6rd .45 SS (Single Stack) (Beak will not come out of mag.)

Glock .45 G.A.P. DS (Double Stack) (Beak will not come out of mag.)

S&W 7rd 9mm SS (Beak too wide, does not enter between lips)

. *Notes:

- May not load few types of mags, and mags with less than 8.0mm between their lips.

- May not load the last round in few types of mags.

- Will load some other caliber rounds & mags., including some .380 (9mm short) rounds & mags.



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by Heath
on 2/25/2020
Where has this been all my life!?
This little guy is worth it's weight in gold! Makes loading faster and easier. Especially on those long matches loading 21 round mags multiple times a day, this thing saves your thumb!
by Chris
on 2/12/2020
Thumb saver!
Should have bought this 20 years ago.  Makes loading the mags very easy.
by Bob
on 2/11/2020
Mag loader
Makes loading maags easy
by SSmith
on 7/4/2019
Get one of these! You won’t regret it. 
by Mtneer
on 5/30/2019
Utility Exceeds Hype
Wow!  I have avoided buying a Uplula pistol mag loader for years secure in my conceit that it could not be that much more useful than the Glock mag loaders I've accumulated.
Wrong, wrong and wrong.  After a session at the range, the glowing praise of other users seems understated.  Construction details seem well considered as does material selection.  The geometry complements with a comfortable grip and a stable conformation.
I purchased one as a trial.  Undoubtedly, there will be more to come.   Glock mag sales will take a small drop but they had their chance.
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