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Techwell G10 PosiTec Grip

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Item #: G10.POSI
Reg. Price: $99.00
Our Price: $99.00
Extra Grip Weight Kit


NEW! G10 PosiTec – the Ultimate Ergonomically Shaped Aggressive Fine Diamond Checkered GRIPS + KIT SLOTTED FOR TECHWELL (Grips Patent Pending)
After almost three years of intense development, we are pleased to introduce the most unique grips in the 1911 World, the PosiTec.  Nothing in the 1911 world will fill a hand better.

After almost three years of intense development, we are pleased to introduce the most unique grips in the 1911 World, the PosiTec.  Nothing in the 1911 world will fill a hand better.

Fit, Feel, Design

  • Designed to fit almost every hand size and shape. Gives large hands with big fingers a beefy handle, while at the same time gives a much smaller palm with shorter fingers the solid wedged in feel normally found only in 2011’s
  • Maximizes a short index finger’s reach to the trigger
  • The most solid, locked-in, “high on the gun” feel
  • Does not compromise the indexing of your normal grips
  • Fine diamond shaped aggressive checkering provides solid grip in all conditions
  • Cuts for ambi safeties and magazine release
  • Panels conceal the mainspring housing pin

Extra Grip Weight Kits $5

PosiTecs are the lightest grips we offer at 1 ¾ oz., so a good start, but you can increase the weight from 1¾ to 6+ ounces when using the Grip Kit which is included with your purchase! USPSA Single Stack Division maximum weight is 43 oz. (empty magazine inserted), IPSC has no weight restriction, and IDPA - 43oz for ESP and 41oz for CDP.

In a perfect world maximizing the weight of our 1911’s provides us with greater recoil reduction. Of course, the ideal spot for that weight is in the barrel area, but, since we are limited by rules (and/or expensive gunsmithing) in how we might go about that, the next best, and much simpler place, is the bottom of the grips, the “fulcrum” if you will. 

This kit provides you with:

  • 4 oz. of #9 uncoated Lead Shot
  • 3 Glue Cups
  • Glue mixing and Application Brush
  • Detailed mixing and gluing instructions

Competition Box Fit

They will fit into every box – USPSA, IDPA, and IPSC

Included with Your Purchase

  • One set of PosiTec Grips
  • 2 Sets of Stainless Steel SLIM Bushings and Screws (only the top bushing on each side of the frame)
  • 3/32” Hex Wrench
  • Lower Grip screws NOT included

Color: Solid Black and Gray/Black

SPECS: Machined G10 Grips Panels 1.75 oz (49.6g). Fits full-size Government Model and Commander 1911 pistols.

Items needed to install the grips

  • 1911 Slim Bushing Bits (Regular and Slim) or, a distant second choice, a nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • A ¼” Socket Driver for the Bushing Bits – unless you are using the distant second choice nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • #242 Blue LocTite
  • A certain level of technical skill is required to install this hardware, so, as with all firearm modifications, we suggest that you seek the services of a professional gunsmith if you have any doubts or questions.


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by Mainspring cap pin
on 2/13/2020
Nice Grip
This grip fits my hand far better than the stock 1911 grip. Fits closer to what the 2011 does, which was my intent. For $95 it should come with 4 screws instead of just 2.
by Display Name
on 12/8/2018
Love it but some fiddling was required to install
Love the shape of the grip and the grip material. They should sell the grips with both sets of screws so they match. Upper bushings on my gun were very soft metal that was galled in so the bushings were destroyed on removal (no big deal, grips come with new upper bushings). Upper screws they send were too long and had to be filed & the threads cleaned so they would not contact the mag (no big deal but an unnecessary nuisance). Fit on the gun is rock solid, hard to install the first time but for the right reason (tight fit). A strong 5 stars except for the lack of matching screws and upper screws too long.  
by Noel Z
on 11/13/2018
More surface area means more grip!
Saw this grip being used by John V at Battle in the Bluegrass. I realized it mimicked the width size of double stack guns allowing for more purchase, thus better control on the gun. Grip and total control on the gun is everything that leads up to perfect trigger press. I did have to relearn how to keep some pressure on the thumb safety, otherwise my hand may accidentally bump the thumb safety on while in recoil (I started shooting USPSA with Glocks, hence my right thumb was trained to be in a neutral position). Although it was a tough adjustment at first, I adopted just fine.
by David
on 4/16/2018
Best feeling 1911 grips i’ve wrapped my hands around!!
by Orion
on 3/3/2017
from Asheville
YES. These grips are awesome. Nice wedge feel ,if you are looking for that sti  2011 feeling. Give them a try and get your chill fire on like Mr. Arrowood.
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