• Shockbottle 9x19 100 Round Case Gauges

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Shockbottle 9x19 100 Round Case Gauges

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Item #: CG9-100
Reg. Price: $119.00
Our Price: $99.00
Hundo Small


• FASTEST WAY TO GAUGE AMMO - Easy to spot bad rounds

• DESIGNED TO WORK WITH 100 ROUND AMMO BOXES - Once you load the gauge, flip your rounds right into the box with no more handling and head to the range!






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by DMartin
on 2/12/2019
Great product
Product quality is exactly what I would expect. Well built. And SC.com is great to buy from. Would buy again. 
by Scoremore
on 1/29/2019
Class six atf.
The Shockbottle is a great tool especially if you do a lot of bulk reloading. It allows you to inspect, guage, and pack your ammo quickly.
by Tony S.
on 11/13/2018
Need to have,,,
I am shooting open class in USPSA and need to gun to not have FTF's. This helps ensure that. However, it doesnt work very well for my 147gr .357 diameter bullets I shoot in carry optics. As long as you are shooting .355 and .356 bullets this tool is great!

Response from Chuck- Thats a good point. 9mm is .355 so the .357 would be to big for these or any cause gauge for 9mm.
by Robert
on 10/14/2018
Great Gauge!
I was hesitant to buy the case gauge and stick to my single Dillon 9mm case gauge thinking that this item would not be worth the price.  But my fears quickly melted away when I used this for the first time.  One hundred rounds can be gauged quickly (check for primer defects, brass defects etc) in one fell swoop.  Rounds can then be loaded in MTM ammo boxes quickly and put into storage.  This case gauge has a very tight tolerance.  If any stray powder from the reloading process is on the case, the case may not go into the gauge.  I am very happy with this purchase, it has made my reloading time more effective (can load more rounds :)  This gauge will make your reloading operation more efficient and save you TIME.  You will not regret buying this item!
by Daniel G
on 10/10/2018
Save Yourself the Hassle!
I had tried simply using a single case gauge as well as a 7-case gauge, but the tolerances on those were either too tight or too tedious to use. For just twice the cost of what I paid for both the single and 7-case gauges, I got this one and am so glad I did so!

This takes roughly 2-4 minutes to fill with 100 cartridges, but definitely worth the time. I have noticed a couple of the slots are slightly different, to where if a cartridge sticks up on one I have to drop it in another hole where it will fit fine, but this only happens maybe once out of 200-300 that I check. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just inconsistencies with my mixed-headstamp brass, though.. Other than that, this thing is great and has cut down my gauging time to less than half! 

Also, after you've got 100 good cartridges, you can flip them over into an MTM box just fine. You'll have to wiggle them a little bit to get them to sit just right, but I haven't had any fall out doing that unless I was trying to rush.
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