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IDPA belt

Review by Kyle Boone on 6/27/2020

Love the belt


Review by Jeff on 6/16/2020

I love these belts for IDPA. I have 2

Good IDPA belt or USPSA dryfire belt. Basically an outer belt without the velcro

Review by GA_Shooter on 5/12/2020

I’ve bought other ‘IDPA belts’ off various sights. Some still have the velcro some are flimsy as leather. Id you want real outer belt rigidity with minimal thickness and no Velcro to remove? This is it. Plus it’s cheap. Would make a good dryfire belt too for USPSA.

SC IDPA belt

Review by Gary M. on 5/5/2020

Followed sizing instructions and belt fits perfectly. Paired with Comp-tec I looking forward to trying IDPA with my CZ P10F. Even with the current situations my orders have been delivered to Indiana in a few day.


Review by Bill D on 3/19/2020

Ordered for the Mrs. for her to start shooting in competition, SC was, at the time, out of the CR Speed which I have for myself. This is a better belt at a better price, it's actually a little stiffer. Now, if it had the same keeper style as the CR Speed with the sleeve..it would be PERFECT!

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