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Really stiff to go through the loop

Review by Jesse on 8/12/2021

Beware though the belt is sturdy it is really really stiff to go through the belt loops. I gave up on my third loop! It’s $17 so not bad.
Response from Chuck- Most want a stiff , sturdy belt. I suppose its dependent on the individual and the way they are using it with their specific accessories and pants. It should slide on around without having to bend it for each loop.


Review by Edward on 5/10/2021

This belt is very stiff and sturdy. There are no issues carryi;carrying any equipment you might want. The width is perfect. However the belt is THICK. Much thicker than my USPSA outer belt. It borders on being TOO thick. My connectors do not want to snap shut without forcing them to do so. And then they are warped and I'm afraid to leave them connected with the fear of ruining the them.

Sturdy belt

Review by B-Rad on 5/7/2021

Very stiff for the low cost. Seems like it will be great for IDPA and a range belt however if your looking for an edc belt I would look at something with a little more ease of adjustability.


Review by RandyIdaho on 2/16/2021

Good quality belt for a fair price. In use regularly for several years without any issue.


Review by jcc7x7 on 2/16/2021

Gives the same basic feel of the USPSA belt I use all the time Nice product

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