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Review by rick on 7/17/2018

like it a lot


Review by Steve on 5/9/2018

Good holster with questionable clip quality

Review by Frustrated on 5/8/2018

The holster works well for my CZ-75B and is adjustable in nearly every direction. However, I encountered two major quality issues right out of the box. First, BOTH metal clips that attach the holster to the belt broke the first time I tightened them. I didn't crank them down, just enough to hold the holster securely on the belt, but they snapped like a paperclip that was bent back and forth too many times. Customer service immediately sent me two new clips. Issue number two was that one of the hex-head screws holding one of the clips was stripped! I can't get the broken clip out because my allen wrenches just spin inside the screw head and can't get enough of a grip to turn it. This makes no sense, and is infuriating! I will have to drill out the screw....way too much frustration for such an expensive holster.

Chucks response- Yes these do break sometimes because some belts are thicker and it bending the clip over the belt. It does not need to be tightened that much. They were replaced immediately, great service! AS far as the screws stripping the head, that is normal on just about anything due to improper sized tools being used, imperial to metric, or worn tools. If it takes that much to get it out then it definitely was to tight. This rating is just not fair, considering.

Great Holster

Review by jcc7x7 on 4/28/2018

fits gun great, Hanger brkt works for adjustment where ever you want the gun. both for a good draw and to meet division requirements

Holster shelved

Review by PYCO on 4/25/2018

Holster fit and function ok but I planned to use on a “2 in” Backup duty belt. Unfortunately the belt width is a bit oversized and this holster cannot adjust enough to fit. Shelved until I break down and buy another belt.

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