MBX Recoil Reduction System

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Item #: 6301
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Buffer Spring with Buffer Pad
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The MBX "Patent Pending" Buffer is Designed specifically for Pistol Carbine Caliber.

Features an Internal Spring captured within the Buffer to allow for the Buffer/Bolt speed to be significantly reduced during the cycling of the Firearm, resulting in an Extreme Reduction with Felt Recoil.

- Buffer weight 6.8 ozs
- Overall length 4.9 inches
- Made from Stainless Steel
- Includes internal .062 recoil reduction spring
- Captured Pin Design to ensure reliability and Performance

2 Adjustable Stroke Lengths:
- 1.400 Stroke Long
- .900 Stroke Short

Please see recommendations for matching Springs

YELLOW Carbine Spring recommended for most Standard Applications min 115 Power Factor up to 145 Power Factor.

WHITE Carbine Extra Long Spring recommended for 140 Power Factor and Above.


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by PFG
on 7/3/2020
Soften recoil
Great product for PCC build
by RoHo
on 2/24/2020
Total Control Buffer
I'm a repeat customer of Shooter's Connection and this is the second MBX recoil system I've purchased from them.  Tell you anything?  Yea.  Good stuff!
by Mxj23
on 7/10/2019
Mbx buffer
Quality piece of equipment, seems to work best with higher pf loads, used some syntech ammo at 155pf and it shot extremely well and flat. Had to use a 223 carbine spring with my 132pf loads 
by Vincent Mapa
on 11/8/2018
Recoil Reduction
Excellent recoil reduction
by Bryan Wilmot
on 9/4/2017
Really works
If your looking to decrease your dot movement this is the ticket.  After tuning a load for this buffer my dot barely leaves the  A zone at speed. 
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