• MBX Extreme 140mm Complete PARA ORDNANCE ONLY Style Magazine 9mm/.38 Cal

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MBX Extreme 140mm Complete PARA ORDNANCE ONLY Style Magazine 9mm/.38 Cal

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These are the competition followers which does not lock the slide back but allows for one extra round

The next generation of race ready PARA ORDNANCE style magazine made from 410 heat treated stainless steel for ultimate durability

MBX Complete Tubes were designed to be competition ready with exclusive features to meet the highest demands for today's shooters.

The new MBX extreme tube features newly designed body contour running the full length of the magazine for improved reliability and performance allowing for a wider follower to improve stability also featuring round location holes for 10 & 24 and precision cut feed lips.
* All tubes are designed to work with MBX components other manufacturers' parts may be used in conjunction with MBX parts and tubes but may require adjustment or fitting for maximum reliability All 141.25mm .40 magazines hold 20-21 rounds.- All 141.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 23-24 rounds.- All 171.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 29-30 rounds.


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by Mike
on 7/24/2018
Poor Quality Control
These mags have inconsistent followers. One works fine, one is iffy at best and one is so crooked and coming out of the magazine that it locks the slide back (and of course wont fall free for a reload). MBX was no help, said they will settle, I asked how long they said no idea. So now I have useless mags that may or may not work until weeks, months, or years down the road. They couldve sent me new followers/springs but instead I'm writing this review. 2nd try with MBX, they're all junk with bad service to back it up. Go with another brand!!!

Response from Chuck.
Mike, Sorry about your issues , Glad to hear one is working fine. We did contact Adrian about this and he said he advised you to load them up and let the spring set to alleviate your issue. The issue with the follower activating the slide stop is probably the most problematic issue with 1911 and especially 2011/double stack platforms such as your para. Sometime that takes gun specific tuning like detenting the slide stop so it doesn't activate as easily. This is not an issue until you run the magazine empty which in the game is something we never want to do anyway. I can tell you that these are the best magazine for the 2011 and para available. Now if you have a rock river para clone then there may be other issues as those guns can be out of spec in many ways. But as Adrian said as the spring sets it will be less of a problem on those few occasions you actually run the gun dry. But ultimately it is a tuning of the magazine and the gun to get it to work just the way you want it to. Which is why most of us in competition shooting detent the slide stop so it will not lock the slide back at all. But in the end its up to you how you want to set it all up even though there is a need to realize there are always trade offs in this game. Like using the slide lock back follower but losing a round of capacity. I do suggest though to help in your scores that you work on never running the magazine empty and planning reloads that don't cost you time. Those gun empty reloads are a killer in this game.
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