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CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch

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Reg. Price: $35.75
Our Price: $29.00
M&P Washer
1911 Spacer


Versatility & Value!, L/H & R/H Fits Most Popular Pistol Mags. Due to demand we Now supply all Versa-Pouches with Versa-Pouch Adjusters as Standard! This Pouch is fully Ambidextrous giving Left & Right handed shooters the same benefits. Supplied with Inserts to fit. Hi - Cap Mags "Para, STI, Bul, SV Kimber etc." 9mm Box Mags "Popular 9mm & 40 Double Stack Mags incl. CZ, Browning, Beretta 92, Tanfoglio etc." Glock "all Small Frame Glock Mags, Excluding 45 acp & 10mm auto. Tension adjustment & slick insert material ensures fastest mag changes Angle & Height adjustment These can be used for a single stack mag. The belt hanger is for 1.5" belts, the Cr Speed belt is 1.5" Also.

Due to the mold for this product being made before some of the newer models with different magazine dimension, it may be necessary to use a washer along with the provided spacers to achieve the desired result. The video below is for single stack with provided spacers. Cr now makes a 1911 spacer thats sold seperately which works much better.

M&P mags do not have a specific spacer and were developed after the molds for the cr speed pouches. For best result we suggest using a flat washer behind one of the other spacers when used with M&P magazines.

Spacer for M&P Magazines


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by Gary
on 10/14/2020
Mag holder
Quality product.
by massimo
on 5/22/2020
prodotto ottimo
Excellent product excellent materials excellent workmanship
by Irvin Ceballos
on 5/2/2020
cool dude
Love the product easy to put on beyond happy! Definitely will be getting a belt for my cz 75b mag holders and holster for it from this company 
by Steve
on 3/10/2020
CR Speed Mag Pouch
CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch.  Good device.  Have had 3 for 10 years and just added 4th and 1911 Spacers.  Now I can use my 1911 single stack or 
STI Double Stack with same belt.
by Tom
on 1/25/2020
Doesnt fit
They hold a mag very well with plenty of options too bad the same cant be said for belts. I consider the Ghost belt to be a normal belt, these will not fit, they need to change to some type of clamp fit instead of friction fit.

Response from chuck- Not sure which ghost belt you have but some belts are thicker and wider than others. The DAA belt for example is a little wider than 1.5. They do this on purpose so others accessories don't fit well although they will. John uses a DAA belt and put Cr Speed pouches on it while I witnessed it. Was it easy? no. But it can be done. Now the guga ribas belt is extra thick and I don't think they will fit at all. The cr speed belt will fit very easily. Mixing brands can cause problems. Our belt is a bit thicker than cr speed and is a little tighter fit but they work. We took that all into consideration when designing and specking out our belt. Does not mean a little elbow grease wont be needed time to time. One method is to wiggle the end of the belt in and then when it pops through to clamp it in a vice. The key is to make sure the inner velcro isnt folded over jamming the bracket and then equal pressure, any side to movement will bind it and it wont slide on. Good thing is one on they are nice and snug and dont move around on you.
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