Ghost Thunder XD/XDM/HS2000

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  • Item #:  SG-STG-38
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Apparently it will not fit the new MOD 2 gun.

Previously known as the STINGER

Completely adjustable

Guarantees fast and safe drawingAs flexible as the Super-Ghost and the Civilian.

Ideally suited for Single Stack, Production and Standard sport shooting.

The aluminum plate enables you to tailor the holster’s alignment to your preferred drawing angle.

Average rating 4 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Does not fit Springfield XDM

Review by Scott on 3/8/2018

Fit for the Springfield XDM was horrible. Holstering and drawing required a great amount of force, even with the screws as loose as possible–certainly not what is even usable for IPSC/USPSA. If I spent time with a heat gun I could probably adjust the fit, but the customer should not be expected to do this. I like the idea, and the design is great. I’d love it if it actually fit

Response from Chuck- Yes, seems Ghost had an issue with a batch of Holsters where the molding was a tad tight. They even sent you another holster and then when it was the same they offered to give you one free of charge after you requested it for free and would be willing to heat it up to make it fit better as long as it was free. Thats pretty good service even though they had a small issue. Not sure the review is fair based on that.

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