Cool Fire Trainer 1911 & 1911/2011 Clones (Bushing Barrel)

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Each CoolFire 
System includes:
  • A CO2 powered CoolFire Trainer barrel replacement for your model,
  • A recoil spring and/or rod that replaces your gun's recoil system,
  • 2 slide release inserts for your gun's magazine to prevent slide lock,
  • 2 spare striker tips, grease, hex key for adjustment or purging.
  • A Soda Maker, 90gram, or Paint Ball adapter.
Possibly pictured but NOT included in base price:

A CO2 charging stationhigh capacity adapter, or laser (available separately),
Pictured Reflective Targets (3-Pack) are included with any visible red laser and can be purchased separately here. 

CoolFire Recoil Systems are currently available for models shown below. 



* Note: Gun Not Included.

* Patent Pending 


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Best option while sruck at home

Review by Patrick on 4/16/2020

I've been doing regular dry fire practice at home for years. I owned a SERT and it was OK, but for me the laser is just a distraction and a gimmick. Lasers tend to take your focus away from the front sight. Not good. The CoolFire Trainer's greatest benefits are. It's your gun! same sights, same trigger, same everything. for me that's huge. Trigger reset is what I value most, The recoil is more than enough to command a firm grip. It is by far the closest to the real thing I have found. To get the best experience I suggest going with a 20oz co2 tank.

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