ZEV Technologies Combat Sight Set, .215 Black Front

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  • Item #:  SIGHT.SET-215-B-COM2-B
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Zev Technologies™; iron sight sets are an inexpensive addition that a Glock®; owner can make to their firearm. The top 3 complaints from Glock®; owners are the trigger, grip, and sights.

--Iron sight sets have the highest resolution and greatest ease of acquisition.

-- Higher visibility will allow you to keep your sights on target.

--The right Zev Technologies™; Sight set will improve your shots on target dramatically over a factory Glock®; sight set.

--Notch width of .140 & Notch Dept of .145 will allow you enough room to keep your eyes on target during transitions.

Zev Technologies™; Parts always incorporate design, feel, and performance.

Zev Technologies™; fiber optic sight sets are machined and assembled from Quality Billet materials and built to last.
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