SJC SBR 223 Comp

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1/2 x 28 tpi

The SJC SBR 223 Comp is our first tunable compensator. Shooter's have always felt the recoil and subsequent barrel rise of changes in barrel lengths, powders, charge weights, bullet weights, and primers. Until now those variables were expected to all be controlled by a fixed compensator design. The SJC Tunable 223 Comp uses the known performance of "gas vectoring" from our renouned Titan comps coupled to a large tunable downward thrust port to provide a lighter shorter comp that you can tune to match your distinct load.
SJC SBR 223 Compensator is shipped with one ea. SS insert bushing, 
Basic Compensator Tuning Technique;  Being careful to hold the rifle in a neutral or non compensating manner, fire multiple rapid shot strings, assessing whether your barrel is dipping or the following shots are stringing lower. Dipping is an indication that the compensator's function would benefit from enlarging the bore of the bushing. Drill/enlarge the bushing's bore hole diameter a few thousand and retest until your muzzle is stable from shot to shot.
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